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Save on Insurance with Class 4 Shingles!
Invest in impact resistant shingles and receive a quick Return On Investment with insurance premium and deductible savings.
  • Homeowner can receive up to a 38% premium discount for the life of the roof.  Wood and Hardy roof replacements will recognize the most significant discounts.                
  • Reduces the need to use your deductible as losses are prevented.
  • Allows you to increase your deductible because Class 4 products minimize wind and hail damage. 
  • Impacts your insurance premium rates, by holding down overall costs of the insurance industry due to fewer replacements      
  • Less likely to need to replace roof.  Roof will last longer and is more resistant than standard shingles.
  • Class 4 is a great marketing advantage if you plan to re-sell your home!  Discounts are transferable to the new owner.
  • Warranted against winds up to 110 mph.
  • Fire resistant - Class A Fire Rated.
  • Impact resistant shingles help reduce the impact on our landfills due to fewer roof replacements. 
  • Our stone coated metal roof products are Class 4 rated.
Ask your insurance agent today what you can save with a Class 4 roof replacement!  Or, call us to discuss how Class 4 shingles can benefit you.
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